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My solid business background served me well in my previous public service responsibilities, especially the School and Hospital Boards, and the past eight years as a Soda Springs City Councilman. I believe my experience has prepared me well to represent Eastern Idaho in the Idaho House of Representatives.

I’ve always been a strong believer in community involvement.

As citizens of this great state, and country, I feel we have an obligation to do whatever we can to improve where we live. We all drink from wells we didn't dig. I have been blessed by the work of others before me, now is the time for me to serve.

Commonsense Conservative

Idaho’s budget surpluses are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the state to invest in roads and bridges, pay off debt, and lower property taxes. My experience in finance, business, and government have prepared me well for understanding the challenges of careful stewardship over the state tax code and budget.

My commitment is to wisely use our tax money, approach growth with long-term vision, and promote public education. Idaho can continue to grow without losing our roots in agriculture, mining, and our exceptional natural resources. This is a balance that Idaho has been able to strike. Future Idahoans should expect the same opportunity.

I have served on a local school board. I understand the challenges of Idaho schools.

My wife of 40 years is a speech pathologist who works for the public school system. I think as a state we can be much more supportive of education through strategic investments. We are losing good teachers to other states because they do a better job at funding teacher salaries. We have the revenue, we need to target teacher salaries. We need to invest in education, in our children, and the future of Idaho.


"Jon’s experience in mining, manufacturing, and agriculture will be an asset to him in the legislature,” said Rep. Marc Gibbs in supporting Goode’s campaign for the House seat from which Gibbs is retiring.

Marc Gibbs

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